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Diesel Metering System (JYB-60)

Diesel Metering System (JYB-60)

Diesel Metering System(JYB-60) has been designed to cater to the demand of a compact diesel fuel dispenser for private use. Diesel Metering System (JYB-60) is easy to install. It can be fitted to a wall, directly on the tank by means of the quick coupling or on a column. In terms of low running costs, compact dimensions and flexibility, together with all-round efficiency, JYB-60 is a truly unique dispenser. Further, the standard equipment of Diesel Metering System (JYB-60) are: intake pipe, 1â  quick coupling, Selfâ suction vane pump, flowmeter, 4m hose and automatic nozzle. Display can be in Gallons or Liters, as per the customersâ choice. The motor of 40LPM capacity is a DC motor and runs with 12 /24VDC. The motors of 60 and 80LPM capacities work with 110 / 220VAC. The flowmeter maximum range is 120LPM. The standard hose length is 4m. The standard nozzle is manual type and automatic nozzle is optional. The TMDU system can be easily connected to the tank / drum with 3/4â  or 1â  quick coupling.