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Glass Tube Rotameter

Glass Tube Rotameter

Zest Glass Tube Rotameter is uniquely designed for industrial purposes. Its high precision Tapered Borosilicate Glass Tubes are utilized for best performances. The special design of our Glass Tube Rotameter features Eliminate Stresses on glass tube even under industrial handling conditions. Glass Tube Rotameter is field replicable without disturbing end connection. The product is simple in structure and impressive in operation.


  • Application
  • Liquid
  • Gases
  • Chemicals

Specifications of Acrylic Body Rotameter

  • Pressure : 10bar
  • Size : 1â to 4â
  • Meter Body : MS Powder coated/SS304/SS316
  • Wetted Part : SS316, MS, PTFE, PVC or PVC
  • Scale Length : 175 to 225mm
  • Temp Max : Up to 250 degree
  • Connection : Flange or Threaded
  • Accuracy : +2% on Full scale
  • Repeatability : 0.5%